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Mobile Versi Boom & All Adapters


HDE Voltmeter Testing 500VDC output to confirm proper operation of voltmeters Compatible with voltmeters that measure DC Voltage Powered by 9V lithium or alkaline battery
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Accessory : 00583 Adapter Assembly – 2 Screw-On, 00584 Adapter Assembly – 2-1/2 Screw-On, 00585 Adapter Assembly- 3 Screw-On, 00586 Adapter Assembly – 3-1/2 Screw-On, 00587 Adapter Assembly – 4 Screw-On, 00588 Hanger Weldment, Short, 00589 Hanger Weldment, Long, 00590 Screw On Coupling Kit Application : Cable Puller Standard : Set-up in less than 2 minutes: Boom lift using a hand crank provides ultimate safety to lift heavy loadsQuick set-up with quick disconnect system to adjust the nose or elbow piece 360 degreesConduit adapter available for 2 – 5 IN conduitsOptional screw-on adapter stand hanger for storage availableSwivel casters move easily on rough terrain on the construction siteFlat-free wheels avoid down-timeFully contained unitHandle for pushing unit on the job siteVersatility to change set-up: Nose and elbow piece assembly is now the same allowing the unit to be shortened to only 1 boom with minimal set upOn-board storage for disassembled boomThe boom can be extended up to 20 FTThe puller itself can be disassembled with ease to be floor-mounted or chain mounted to conduitEasy to store and transport: Mobile Versi Boom II can be folded up in less than 2 minutes and can be stored on the back of a pick-up truck

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Weight 322 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 48 × 94 in
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