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Remote Cable Cutter Head


HDE Transformer Tester Quick and easy check for opens or shorts on transformers before energizing Provides clear indications of open circuits, short connections and confirmation that the test results are OK Tests overhead, pad-mount and other distribution transformers Tests the primary and secondary sides of de‑energized transformers without disconnecting Helps prevent line workers from installing a fuse on a shorted transformer
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Overall Length : 17-1/2 IN Type : Cable Cutter Remote Head Guillotine Cutting Range : Copper and Aluminum power cables up to 4″ Application : Ideal for cutting larger diameter Copper and Aluminum power cables. Precision blades provide clean cut. Dual position handle for operations and transport. Guillotine cutting head with bolt interlock providing additional safety and cutting control. 3/8″ NPT male screw type connector. 350 degree rotating head. Ideal for use with EHP700L battery pump.
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Weight 19.94 lbs
Dimensions 16.7 × 5.2 × 1 in
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